The Time

Munir Mohd Nor / November 2, 2017, 13:11:46 pm

                In western country, they say time is gold. Some say time is free, but it is priceless which we can’t own it, but we can use it, we can’t keep it, but we can spend it and once we lose it, it will never come back. Alan Lakein said time is like life, “If we waste our time, we are wasting our life, so to master our life, we must master our time.”
                In Islamic country, we are all aware with the quote by Imam Syafi’e , الوقت كالسيف إن لم تقطعه قطعك, literally it means that “Time is like a sword, if you don’t cut it, it cuts  you”. Ibn Qayyim also mentioned in his word which wasting time is worse than death, because death separates you from world, but time separates you from Allah. In Al-Quran, it has been mentioned in a specific surah where Allah swore in the name of Time;
In the name of time,
Indeed, mankind is in loss,
Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.
(Surah Al-Asr,1-3)
              In our daily life, people say that we are given 24 hours a day to do anything we want to do. Some say 24 hours is not enough to do everything. The question is, is it true that everyone is given the exact 24 hours a day? Let’s look at how we manage our time, sometimes, we may feel 30 minutes of class is too long. But when it’s about time to play sports or games, we would have felt 2 hours is too short. On the other hand, in performing our ibadah, some people will feel tired or sleepy when Imam reads a whole page of Quran in the first rakaat. But how about sahabah of prophet Muhammad SAW who reads a whole juzu’ of Al-Quran in a single rakaat? The answer is within you.
Finally, it may take a longer time for me to write about the importance of time. There are also thousands of quotes about time which show how important time is to mankind (There are 7222 quotes from this website https://www.goodreads. com/quotes/tag/time ). To end this short article, I would advise the readers to watch In Time (2011) movie as the movie teaches us a lot about the importance of time and why we should appreciate the time.