Maze: The Unknown

Anisa Salleh / July 3, 2018, 22:07:41 pm

Most of us may have read or maybe heard of the Maze Runner series. Some of us may have even watched the movie adaptation of it as it is quite famous. In the series, the protagonist and his friends are stuck in an unknown place and the only way out is to go through the maze. However, going into the maze is a hard thing for them to do. Why would they? The only thing they knew about the maze is that there is some kind of monster lurking around in there, seeking hungrily for preys. Moreover, they have a perfectly established accommodation with plenty of food source and clean water together with comfy beds to sleep at night. So why would they ever leave that comfortable place and venture into the unknown? They may get killed when they can just stay there and live. But they still went into the maze.

From the above plot, it seems to portray something similar with a certain part of our life. That is the action of leaving our comfort zone to seek for something more, something out there to improve our current self.

Now what is a maze? A maze is a network of paths and hedges designed as a puzzle through which one has to find a way, according to Google.

Throughout our lives, there are many paths that we can choose to take, and all these paths comes from our decision. Every single time that we decide on something, the routes spread before us change. It will then lead to other passages. Just like an enchanted maze, with the ever-changing walls, and its path leading to some place we are not certain of. It might lead to somewhere that we wished to be at or it might lead to somewhere that we wanted to avoid. We do not know what lies within the chosen path until we actually wander along it.

In the Maze Runner series, the characters are afraid to step into the maze because the only thing they know of it is the monster within, nothing else. The same thing occurs in our mind.

What is in the path that I am taking? Will this lead to something good or will it turn out to be disastrous? We are afraid of the monster in our own maze, and we are afraid of the unknown. Stepping into that is definitely terrifying, there is no doubt about that. The human instinct to protect ourselves are strongly instilled in ourselves, and it is for a good reason. In that case, do not go into the passage without any preparation. Equip ourselves with knowledge. Ask those with the experiences. Seek guidance and support from people around us. Doing all of these will definitely build up the courage we seek to break free of the bubble we are in, our own protection bubble.

Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor that played the part of Sherlock Holmes in the famous BBC series “Sherlock” once said, “The further you get away from yourself, the more challenging it is. Not to be in your comfort zone is great fun.”

The courage to leave our own comfort zone is tremendous. We have settled on someplace safe and familiar, and to leave that is something that can take a lot of nerve. However, as we do so, we might be greeted with something better and unexpected. We might stumble on paths that can lead us to self-improvement and self-discovery. New doors of paths that lead to endless possibilities. But that can only be done if we choose to change, if we choose to take on the challenge. Put our hand on the doorknob, twist it open and push the door open with a broad mind. Leaving behind our own comfort zone is a scary thing but staying still in one place when the door of possibilities is wide open is no better.

There is usually something that lingers around in our mind. What if I choose the wrong path? Time cannot be reversed. What should I do if that happens? Can I go back? Will I be able to get back on the right track? What if there’s no way of returning?

When we think that we took a wrong path, stop and take a deep breath. Among all the roads that are presented to us, there must be at least one or two routes that can lead us back on track. Choose the path that can make us think, this is the right one, morally and logically. If we are still unsure of what is the right thing to do, it is never too late to go back to Allah SWT. Ask Him for guidance and the strength to go through with the situation. Making mistakes is a common thing to do as we are only human. What human does not make mistakes? But it will be such a shame if we leave the mistake as it is. Take it and change it to lessons and there will be no regrets.

Now, every maze has its own design. Some might be easier to escape, and some might have more complicated paths. That can be said about each of our lives. Some of us might have it easy in some way. Some of us might have it harder. Everyone has their own maze. Thus, we have different ways of going through our adventure and the time we took in each path is also varied. Just like our development from a small kid to a full-grown adult, the period for each development differs based on the individual.

Therefore, let us go on our own path at our own pace. Venture through all the routes in the maze and with the courage we have, tear open the door we were once so afraid of. Tear open the door and go through all the obstacles there is. The maze is nothing to be feared of. The maze is something to be explored.