Growing Pains

Anisa Salleh / October 19, 2017, 21:10:07 pm

Growing pains.

This is a term used to describe the pains in the legs of children who are growing. From here, we can say that the pains are an essential part of the kid’s growth. However, we will discuss this term in a different context. The term can be interpreted as the pains we encounter as we get older, day by day. The pains that we have experienced both physically and emotionally.

Pain is an essential part in life and it is not something we can avoid. But what exactly is it? What role does it really have in our lives? It can be simply explained as something that hurt us. We fall as we trip on a stone sticking out on the ground. We feel pain. Running full speed and then hit the wall head on. We feel pain. It is something called response to stimuli. Pain is the response to the action we did. These are some of the physical pains that we may feel.

For emotional pain, it varies greatly with the person itself. Some people may feel hurt when they are left alone by their friend but for others, it can be considered as a time for themselves. However, there are things that we can say will hurt any of us. For example, we trust someone greatly and one day, the trust is broken, just like that. That will hurt any of us, even if we try to deny it. When we lose something or someone greatly dear to us, the pain that hit us can lead to the thought that the world is ending or it has lost its purpose.

From all that, pain is portrayed as something bad, negative or something we wish never exists in our lives. Something that we could be better without.

We should not have this kind of perception about it.

Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.”

― Bob Dylan

Just as the quote mentioned above, it can be said that pain is unavoidable as we walk through the paths of our lives and if we choose to avoid it, we might also avoid greater achievements and happiness that comes along with it. What a great waste, isn’t it? Why settle for the stars if we can get to the moon even when it comes with some pains and sacrifices?

Those pains that we felt, are lessons that we are teaching ourselves. Things that are not taught in classes. Every pain that we get, both physically and emotionally, comes with a lesson in it.

The pain that we feel when we tripped teaches us to be more careful when walking. The pain we feel as we hit the wall teaches us to look ahead when running. The pang that we feel in our heart when our trust is betrayed, teaches us that we should not destroy the trust that others put in us and to never make them feel what you feel at that time. And when we lose someone or something dear to us, we learn to appreciate them even more than before, as nothing lasts forever and to go through the same regret will be devastating.

Let me share a quote that perfectly sums up all the things mentioned above.

Turn your wounds into wisdom.”

Oprah Winfrey

Wounds that we got from the hard times and the pain we faced before. Make them worth it. Turn them into a great knowledge, so we can proudly say “Yes, I have gone through this and I learnt some valuable life lessons from it,”.

Now, if we ponder upon the things mentioned above, all of them are not considered as something new in Islam. Islam covers all aspects of our world and this is not an exception. One word. Hikmah.

The literal meaning of hikmah is wisdom. To talk about its meaning and all will result in a very long article, but instead I will share my understanding of the term. Hikmah can mean that for every misfortune that we faced or even good things that happen to us, there is a reason for that and Allah SWT know better.  Allah SWT is Al-Hakim. He knows every single thing that occurs and exists in this universe, be it in the past, present or the future. We can also say it is a bit similar to the saying “every cloud has a silver lining”. Believe in Allah, as He will not place a burden upon us that we are incapable of handling. Believe in Him and we will find the peace in our heart that we have been looking for.

Face everything that comes your way head on. Do not avoid them. Grab those negative things and turn them to into something positive. We are not alone in this world. In hard times, rely on people you trust. And most importantly, rely on Allah SWT as He will never leave you alone when you are lost.