#AbahsDiary: Loving a woman, you never knew

Ameen Misran / June 4, 2017, 11:06:13 am

This is title is misleading, I got to know my wife, nearly two years prior to marriage. But still, this is a bit different than the usual “in a relationship” turned to marriage sort of love story. Can I be a little bit “gedik” and call my story a love story? Cool.

Mother recommended a girl who happens to be a Master’s candidate from UKM. All I knew was she took something to do with Chemistry and then her dissertation had something related with a foreign term I’ve never heard before that is “Kakisan”.

What the heck is that? Later I found out by asking her myself in one of our meetings, it’s something not new to me, it’s corrosion. “Should it be more easier if you could use English?” I said to myself. Well, it’s UKM and English mastery has nothing to do with scientific expertise. Prof Datuk Ir Wan Ramli Wan Daud made clear of that.
My mother mentioned her name and gave a passport sized photograph, but I just put in my KIV list.

Only because I wasn’t ready to get married. The usual “I’m not ready”, “I don’t have any money”, “I’m not good enough”, “Can we do this again in 10 years? I want to have a PHD first”. I had a long list of reasons of not getting married.

But everything changed when I met her lecturer who happened to be my mother’s friend by the name of Prof Dr Azizan Ahmad (at that time he is still a Dr only). Not exactly her lecturer, she was once Prof Azizan’s Research Assistant. Don’t know how to put it, boss maybe?

So I met him to discuss several things on a convention we – me, my friend Hilal Asyraf on behalf of LangitIlahi (our affiliation) – organized in 2014 namely YouthACE2014.

After the meeting, I asked him, just to try my luck “By any chance, do you know Rabiahtul Zulkafli?”
He smiled and replied “Oh. We call her Rabi.”

I was a bit shocked to know that he knew who she was. I told him about my mother recommended her and all and he said something I could never forget my whole life “If you believe in me, then marry her”.

Well I certainly believe in him. A great man with great ideals. An inspiration to many. An expert in his field. A convincing public speaker, one of the speakers in YouthACE2014.

I put my trust in him to choose to marry her.

I don’t really believe in luck, luck is fortuitous, I believe in cause and effect, but having the life I have now with my wife and baby, I guess I was lucky?

Entry 15 June 2016